Coffee Who fuels face-to-face collaboration.

Whether it’s spitballing a new strategy, solving a key issue or simply finding out what your fellow departments do and why, face-to-face collaboration can make the difference.

Coffee Who makes it easier to arrange the sessions, steer the conversation and aggregate the conclusions from each meeting..

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Hear from our users

“I just wanted to say what a wonderful idea “Coffee Who” is, the concept is brilliant and I have never seen so many staff members meeting each other for the first time even though they have worked on the floor together.

Personally I have had coffee with people who I have just waved hello to but never knew what their role was or how it fitted into the organisation.

I am looking forward to my next Coffee who invite.”

Compliance Manager, Major Bank

“This is a brilliant idea. We have become too segmented even within our own department.

It would also be good to integrate with the other business units – exchange ideas and hopefully develop business opportunities.”

Director, Global Professional Services Firm

As featured

We were delighted that our enterprise networking and collaboration application has been featured in numerous publications, including TechCrunch in February 2013.

TechCrunch Feb 12th 2013

PSFK Feb 26th 2013

Vision Wiz Feb 23rd 2013

Atelier March 12th 2013

INfluencia March 13th 2013

Pocket Full of Apps Feb 26th 2013

Trend Hunter March 16th 2013

Sound interesting?

Coffee, Tea or Milkshake? It doesn’t matter what you drink, it’s the fact that you are engaging with someone new within your organisation. Get in touch and we can discuss the next steps.