Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Coffee Who for?

Coffee Who is for any organisation that sees the value in building strong internal networks but who equally recognises that its people don’t know each other well enough. It’s a fact of life that technology has improved businesses exponentially but its also true that people are still intrinsic to the success of an organisation. Coffee Who reignites that one-to-one dialogue and rapport amongst your staff in a simple and rapid way.

How productive is it for my staff to take time out of their day to have coffee?

You’d be surprised just how quickly two individuals can get to the crux of an issue or opportunity when email back and forth is eradicated. To be sure it’s business and not just pleasure, you can set the agenda for discussions and we ask all participants to provide feedback following the meeting. Not to forget of course, there is a large coffee culture already, just not as productive.

What’s the value of this to our business?

  • Increased productivity – I know who to can help solve my problems now
  • Improved Staff Morale – I enjoyed the innovative program and meeting someone new
  • New business opportunities – I discovered an opportunity I never knew previously existed
  • Networked organisation – I have a broader understanding of the roles and skills of our people

What size company does Coffee Who work for best?

Coffee Who has worked as well for a small company of 12 people as it has for a large organisations with staff in remote locations. We tend to find organisations or departments over 100 people get the biggest benefit.

How much time does it require from the staff in our business to get Coffee Who off the ground?

Not much. A very simple launch can happen in a few hours and Coffee Who provides rollout support including videos, posters and other communication materials. Equally, we recognise you understand the culture of your business best and the Coffee Who team is happy to strategise to meet the specific requirements of your business.

What support do we get?

We provide each customer with strategic support, an Account Manager to assist with rollout and access to Analytics, Reporting and Marketing support to launch.

This would be really new to my business, how do we encourage people get involved?

We recommend that Coffee Who has a ‘sponsor’ within the business, as well as endorsement from senior management to ensure your teams are excited. We can provide you with marketing collateral templates that you can customise and print for use in your offices to build the buzz!

How are people ‘matched’ for their meetings?

Underpinning each Coffee Who Product is a sophisticated intelligent matching engine. We build up a profile of each users ‘professional personality’ in order to match them to the people with whom it would be most productive for them to meet and collaborate. We identify dimensions on which people differ in their professional profile, like their responses to feedback questions, and find others ‘near’ to them based on those dimensions as coordinates.

What level of IT integration into our current systems is necessary?

Minimal integration is required as we recognise that it can be costly to link systems. We recommend delivery via the cloud, however we take privacy and security seriously so we will do whatever is necessary to ensure your business is completely comfortable with the technology we bring.

What devices does Coffee Who work on?

Coffee Who has been developed with a Responsive Web Design approach to provide an optimal experience across any device.

How customisable is Coffee Who?

Coffee Who can be used by any organisation in its current form but should customisation be desired our account team is happy to review this for you.

How much does Coffee Who Cost?

We offer a three-month fixed price trial and full rollout is based on a per-user-per-month license fee for the service. The more staff you have, the less Coffee Who costs per user. Drop us an email with your details and we’ll send you pricing within 24 hours, that’s our commitment.

Is there a time limit or minimum length of time we should run Coffee Who?

The standard configuration of Coffee Who enables you to run three rounds of Coffee Who with a 1 month time limit on each round. Other configurations (include those with no time limits) are available on request.

Does the organisation adopting Coffee Who have to buy the coffees?

It’s not mandatory, but it’s advised. Staff often need an excuse to get together and a free coffee provides just enough reason to get your people talking


Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions you might have.